Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Horse cookies!

I spent last night making dog/horse cookies. In total it was 4 batches of the recipe but I didn't count how many cookies that was. For two of the batches I used the dog bone cookie cutter and for the other two I used a flower-like, ripply circle cookie cutter. I figured that not everyone would be as amused as me by the dog bone shaped horse treats. They'd probably just be confused. I'll post a picture later because silly me forgot to pick up the camera when I was leaving the house.

I thought I would ply the roving I spun up the other day but all of my time was consumed by the treats. I wound the bobbin into a centre pull ball yesterday because I needed the bobbin and, for some reason, I really like plying off of a centre pull ball that I can hold in my hand. I'm strange, I know. This spinning attempt is really exciting for me because it should be a fingering weight (albeit a heavy fingering almost a sport weight) yarn. It is the finest and most consistently fine single that I have done so far.

Worked a little bit on a Christmas gift last night. I got the one that only needed the border finished yesterday during my break. The other isn't really a Christmas gift but might be if the person likes it. If not, I know two, make that three, other people who would like it. It is an illusion or shadow knitting design on a scarf. The pattern is really going fast and I like the way it is turning out. I thought I hated making scarves but it turns out it just needs to be more interesting than garter stitch or some other simple stitch pattern. Illusion knitting is the perfect solution.

And now, because I need a picture of some sort . . . .

(I love Picnik)

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