Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A day late

. . . and a dollar short. Isn't that the saying? I've been working on various Christmas presents. Meant to have one of them finished yesterday but didn't quite get it finished. Even after working on it all during the knitting guild meeting, I still have an inch left to bind off. Guess I will be sending that present rather than giving it in person.

I've also been on the search for dog/horse treat recipes. I call them dog/horse treats because the dogs will eat anything that the horses eat (and probably vice versa!). A few years ago, I made these horse treats with oatmeal, molassas, apple, and carrot in it and the horses and dogs LOVED them. Definitely the mugging-you-for-treats kind of love. It really amused me to feed the horses treats that were in the shape of dog bones. I thought that a batch of dog/horse treats would be a perfect gift for my friends who don't want "stuff" this year. They are trying to keep down the amount of stuff around the house and only want items that can be consumed. The only problem is that I couldn't find the recipe. No idea where I even found it because it wasn't in any of my cookbooks, even the Pony Club one. After much searching of the internet, I found a recipe called "Easier Horse Cookies" that seems to fit the bill. I'll have to make a batch tonight or tomorrow and wrap them up.

I have some exciting news! My friend is going to be making niddy noddies in his spare time. He has already arranged with Kim to sell some in her shop and I might be setting up an etsy shop for him. His niddy noddies are made out of cottonwood and are super light. For a non-spinner, non-knitter, non-fiber person, he is really getting into it! I'll post some pictures of his finished products soon.

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