Saturday, February 24, 2007


I've been very bad with my knitting these past couple of days. I keep starting projects and putting them down to pick up another. Sheldon's shell is halfway done and the PS socks are starting to be pretty far along. It would be a good thing, however, if I actually did complete one project (preferably Sheldon as the baby shower is next weekend!).

I tried to run errands yesterday on my day off. "Tried" is the key word here. Here is a little rundown of my day.

1) Wanted to go riding. The icy snow nixed that idea.

2) Wanted to find new glasses frames and was actually able to find some slightly cat's eye frames but, sadly, without the rhinestones. They are from Wal-mart so at least I was able to save some money. Also learned, if I supply my own frames, they can put the lenses in. Hmm, vintage stores, here I come!

3) Make the foot on the one pot I have thrown. (Did I mention that I was re-learning how to throw pots? It is amazing how much my hands forgot in two years.) Actually accomplished this!

4) Do two errands for Mom in Columbus: dropping off a rug to be cleaned and dropping off her computer to be fixed. Accomplished the rug but couldn't make an appointment for the computer. Also had a difficult time fiding the Apple store at Easton. Easton and I just don't mix.

5) Go around to the yarn shops in the Columbus area. Didn't get to any of them. Not one. None! I only had time to get the rug dropped off before it closed much less going to any of the stores.

6) Meet friend for dinner. Definitely accomplished :) We got sushi and later went out for tea. Played checkers in the coffee shop using coins and jewelry. I had just bought some dangly clip earrings so I had plenty of pieces. The night was a lot of fun. I like not having to explain history dork jokes.

An extra task which I decided to add to my list was getting my hair cut. It was a totally spur of the moment thing. I was getting frustrated by the hair and its lack of doing anything fun. The hairstylist was snipping and cutting a whole lot more than I expected but I love the result! I am glad I left it up to him. The haircut, however, is what made me get nothing done. I ended up leaving the Heath area around 3.30 instead of 12ish. Little bit of a difference.

OK, off to knit. I feel like socks . . . .

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