Sunday, December 31, 2006

Knitting ADD

Apparently I have it. I've started 4 different projects in 3 days. The blue scarf is called Liesel and is much more blue than this picture shows.

The orange and blue tie are a Christmas present which isn't quite done. Oops.

The purple bag is finished and just needs to be felted then the magnetic clasp added.

This blue yarn is going to be for the next felted bag. Once I finish it, I am going to felt both of the bags at the same time. I have only cast on for it but not done much more than that. I am waiting for my KnitPicks needles to come in the mail. They were supposed to be here yesterday but didn't arrive. This means that they won't be here until Tuesday. This arrived, however.
Isn't it wonderful? It is undyed sock yarn from Ruby Sapphire Yarns on I am planning to dye it using Kool-Aid sometime soon. I have decided to make one skein "Berry Blue," "Grape" and "Black Cherry." The other one will be " Lemonade," "Orange" and "Cherry." I can't wait! :)

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