Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Did you remember to vote today? FINALLY the election adds will be over and Dogpile has a cute logo today. I don't know about the other states but Ohio has been lousy with the ads. If you watch TV, there is a little bit of show in the middle of lots of political spite. It doesn't matter what politics to which you subscribe, everybody is slamming everybody else. It amused me to no end that I could vote on Saturday. No lines, no hassle. Pretty simple process.

Knitting stuff (sort of)-- Java was featured on Romancing the Yarn. Isn't he cute? :) OK, real knitting stuff. I keep meaning to charge my camera batteries so I can take pictures of the stuff I have been doing recently. I felted a couple of purses in a denim-like blue wool. I like the way the one turned out but the other was waaaaaay too short and too wide. I cut it apart and am sewing it together again. The cat has decided the strap is her play toy and won't let me have it back. So that means the purse is going to have to be finished later. I am still working on finding a purse pattern that I like.

I finished the Forest Canopy shawl in my test yarn. (I wanted to do the shawl in mohair that I picked up from DeStash but wanted to learn how to lace with an easier yarn.) I am going to block it tomorrow and take a picture. I started on the same pattern with the mohair and I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it! :) The mohair is a light green almost like lime sherbet and looks perfect with the pattern. The green is just the right color for new spring leaves. I am very happy that I practiced the pattern first because I feel very confident now. Hopefully I haven't jinxed myself!

Sock news -- Well, nothing really. I found some more sock yarn that I love at my LYS, The Needling Yarn. I really like the colors of the Cherry Tree Hill yarns. This one is called "Peacock" and how perfect is that? :) Now I just have to find a pattern for this gorgeous stuff. Perhaps Pomatomus?

I am still working on the Lonesome Skein KAL but I only seem to be adding to the stash recently. Not enough time and too much wonderful yarn.

Well, off to school tonight to turn in the last paper of the semester! Yea!

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