Saturday, November 25, 2006


I made it to New York safely. There was absolutely no problem with the knitting needles through security. I turned the heel and completed a couple of inches on the heel during the wait and the flight. The worsted weight yarn and larger needles really makes it easy to make progress.

According to the guy at US Airways, I was scheduled on the 3.15 flight (he was telling me this at 3.30!) even though my e-ticket said I was on the 5.20 flight. Everything did work out though. I was able to get on the plane and everything went smoothly. The flight left late but we arrived early, go figure.

I met up with my cousin in LaGuardia. She and her boyfriend picked me up and we went to her appartment in Brooklyn. We hung out for a while at the appartment, met her roommate, her boyfriend and some of Carolyn's friends. Then we went out to a bar called the Alligator Lounge (?) where you get a free pizza with every drink. It was really good and just around the corner from Carolyn's appartment. As you can tell from the time of this posting, we were out for a while.

I think we are going to be going to see a play (Spamalot) on Sunday. Tomorrow is going to be full of a lot of touristy things. Definitely want to visit some yarn stores. (They think I am crazy.) I am hoping to meet up with Mike, Emily and Karen on Monday to go around the City. That reminds me, I need to plug in my phone tonight.

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