Saturday, November 18, 2006

Right! Knitting
Almost forgot to talk about the knitting. I am almost finished with my gift purse. It is a black felted bag with beads on the bag flap and handle. I hope it will turn out really well. In order to make the bottom of the bag and the handle stronger, I used two strands of yarn together. Even before felting it feels like nothing could go through it. Can't wait to see it after felting. I swear, I will talk a picture of it!

I have darted off to another project: Very Tall Socks. They are very fun but I think I want to do them in a bigger needle size. Making them on #2s would take FOREVER. And, if I have a bigger needle size, those needles could be bamboo. Then I could take the bamboo on the plane to Austria. The only thing is, do I want to take all of that yarn? Hmmm. Might have to do some smaller socks with needles that I buy over there.

I am still working on the mohair shawl. I still love the yarn and the pattern is still (cross your fingers) going well but I have just gotten distracted by all of the other stuff.

Next Friday (ack, 6 days!) I am flying to New York to visit with my cousin before leaving for Austria on the 28th. My friends and I will be over there for 2 weeks and, boy, am I ready! Somehow the date crept up on me and suddenly I have so much to do before I leave. Definitely need to get the passport out of the bank vault. Have to get student discount card. Have to pack (ugh). Have to call the credit card company. Have to call the bank. *Pant, pant* Whew. Somehow it will all get done. Somehow.

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