Friday, September 01, 2006

Random ramblin's of a 'rarian

After waiting for the flea guy to treat the library (yes, my library is infested with fleas which is a long story), I am now waiting for my parents to pick me up. We're travelling down to visit the cousins in TN for the Labor Day weekend. Because we are jumping on the interstate right near where I work, we didn't want to have 2 cars down here. The only thing is now I have to wait in a chemically smelly library because it is raining outside. Joy. The thing is, my family is never on time for anything. It takes me at least 3 tries to get out of the door whenever I leave. So I guess it was too much to expect them to be here right at 3.30. *sigh*

At least, the car trip will give me the chance to do some more knitting. I will just have to make the tough decision of whether or not I want to start a pair of lime green socks or a pair of dark blue ones. Choices, choices! ;)

Oh, so you want to hear more about the fleas? Ever since we opened last year, the library has been infested. Apparently, fleas are a big problem around the water. I had no idea! Anyway, the theory is that one of our regular patrons have an infestation problem. Because they are a regular, they keep bringing the little buggers into the library. We spray regularly but, when it is close to the time for another spraying, the fleas start eating the staff alive. One of the other workers is more appetizing to the fleas so I am mostly spared. I usually only have 2-3 bites per day. Yipee. I've made up some eucalyptus oil spray which is supposed to deter the fleas. I wonder if people could be doused in it?

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