Thursday, September 07, 2006

"places to visit before the next natural disaster"

So this idea started a month ago during a chat with Carolyn. I want to start a list of places to go which may or may not be around much longer. For instance, I wish I had gone to New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina hit because now it will never be the same. Here is the list we started.

  • san francisco (seconded by Andi)
  • holland
  • most of the caribbean
  • places near active volcanoes
  • antarctica
  • the arctic
  • greenland
  • iceland (if you want to see the glaciers)
  • charleston
  • boston (not really in the path of a natural disaster but I just want to get there)
  • Savannah
  • corpus cristi (simply for its name)
  • places on a fault line
  • australia

Think of any others?

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