Monday, February 15, 2010

Are you ready? attempt #2

** For some reason this didn't post on Friday.  I'm trying another attempt so please excuse the time lapse! **

Tonight is the opening ceremony for the winter olympics!  Are you ready?  I always enjoy watching the winter olympics more than the summer ones (except for all of the horse events, I could watch those all day).  All of the winter sports are things I really can't do so watching people who do them really, really well is just fascinating.  And, while watching all of these athletes competing, I shall be knitting up a storm!

I should be all set to go this evening.  A couple of days ago, I did a swatch trying different needle sizes.  In case you are confused by the purl ridges in the picture, that is where I differentiated between the three different sizes.  In order to tell the sizes apart, I purled 6 stitches for a US size 6, 5 for a US 5 and 4 for a US 4.  I saw this technique somewhere a couple of years ago and have used it ever since.  I tried keeping track on pieces of paper but always lost the paper and then couldn't remember what swatch was done with what yarn.  Now the record is always kept with the swatch!  For this project, I'm going to be using a US 5 to get gague.   

I'm still debating about converting this sweater into the round and steeking it into a cardigan.  I'll do another search of ravelry today to see if people have any suggestions.  I could knit it as the directions are written but the thought of purling those long rows isn't really appealing.  Sure, I could knit them backward but that takes me a long time, too.  When I'm going for speed, knitting in the round is the way to go for me. 

I can't wait to start!  Are you participating in the Knitting Olympics or ravelympics? 

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