Thursday, December 10, 2009

Terrarium love

I saw this project on the Design*Sponge blog yesterday and just knew I had to make one.  I ran out at lunch today and bought the supplies. 
Clear ornament
sheet moss
fake butterfly
mini mushroom birds (haven't made an ornament using these yet)

All you have to do is wet the moss a little, shove it in the ornament, squish the butterfly as small as it will go, and shove it in the ornament.  Are you sensing a theme here?  These fake butterflies are made from feathers and, with the moisture in the moss, their scrunched wings will smooth out in a little bit of time.  A q-tip run around the inside of the globe will get a lot of moisture out and remove the stray bits of moss. 

I'm in love with these little globes!  So cute!  There are definitely more of these in my future.  So cute! 

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Janelle said...

I stuff bits of yarn inside those clear glass balls!