Friday, December 11, 2009

Felted soap

Once again, more crafts other than knitting or spinning.  Enjoy!

On Thursday night, a friend and I had craft night at her house.  At our last knitting meeting, someone mentioned felting soap because we were felting some knitted projects in the sink at our meeting place.  Jane and I decided to felt some bars.  Jane wanted to make them for Christmas presents and I wanted to make one for a Secret Santa exchange at work.  Oh, I confess, I really just wanted to play with another craft!

It was so much fun to play with the different colors and different techniques.  Both of us did some research and had watched different youtube videos and read tutorials (can you tell both of us are reference librarians?).  I found the method that worked best for me was taking 2-3 inch pieces of fiber and putting them cross-ways all over the place.  Then I put that in a nylon hose, dipped it in warm water, mushed it between my hands, and, once it had felted well, dunked it in cold water.  The best bars of felted soap were the ones that are palm-sized or circular.  The rectangular bars worked ok but didn't seem to have their corners felt as well. 

The bar that is blue, I added a moon design on one side and a sun and cloud on the other side.  (Shut up, it really is a sun.  Not an egg with a runny yolk.)  I'm going to give this one to my secret santa recipient at work.

In other news, I made more terrariums.  Why, yes, I am obsessed.  Why do you ask? 

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