Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Slacker that I am

I've had this post saved the last couple of days but just haven't worked on it. With the Tour de Fleece, I'm not even spending any time on the computer at home and I don't like posting while at work even on my break.

Anyway, I've also been knitting in the midst of all of the spinning. This is the pair of socks of which I spoke last post. I really like the way my color matching worked out. Call me crazy but I'm not a fan of fraternal socks (aka non matching socks). The recipient absolutely loved them (I just hope the legs fit!). She told her daughter on the way to the airport that maybe she should put the socks in her carry-on. Her daughter asked why and the reply was that someone might break into her bag to steal the socks!

In Tour de Fleece news, I've definitely been meeting my goal of spinning 10 minutes or more. The average seems to be 30 minutes to an hour. On Sunday morning, I sat down to spin up some of the alpaca Mom gave to me at Christmas. Four hours later, I had spun this.

It is the most consistent and thinnest yarn that I have ever done. It was also spun up REALLY quickly. I'm definitely glad that I started learning how to spin using wool.

Next up is some of the Finn roving I bought at Knitter's Connection in June. This was my first lace and I'm really happy with it.

I didn't have much yardage on it because I was learning how to use the lace bobbin and kept tearing off the bad sections. Still, it is 314 yards and I'm happy with it. The niddy noddy it is on is cedar and smells wonderful. Every time I open my spinning bag the smell of cedar hits me.

I finished spinning this skein up before the Tour de Fleece started. I wanted to clear off the bobbins before the big spinning event. It is a merino/tencel blend and has a wonderful shine to it. The color is definitely in my favorite spectrum :)

It is sad that I can't remember when I spun this up. It is white llama a friend gave me when I first started spinning. I think I finished it mid June. Possibly. Maybe. Must take better notes.

I do have more current pictures which I will load and talk about soon!


Jacki said...

I'm fairly certain that that is the most evenly filled bobbin I have ever seen. I can't even comprehend the rest of the post, my eyes keep getting drawn back to the bobbin. Impressive! :)

Anne said...

Thanks :) I have NO idea how it happened either. Normally my bobbins are more bumpy and uneven. I guess there was just an alpaca zone!