Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Display pictures

I'm gearing up my library for our Book Buffet program on July 19th. It seemed like it was so far away but now it is July somehow. Anyway, this is the display case I set up to show people what edible books actually are (or rather, some examples of what an edible book could be). It is a pretty abstract concept for most people to get. Click on the picture for the title of each "book."

In order to be able to display these "books" for two weeks in the display cakes, I tried to make everything in there non-edible. The "cakes" are actually styrofoam covered in spackle. The "tea" in the cups in the upper right hand corner is actually brown food coloring and water. I'm especially proud of that one.

I did cave and the gummi worms are actual food but I figure that there are so many preservatives in them that it will probably be fine. I think the dog bones will be fine, too. The candy bars are wrapped but I think they should probably be thrown away after 2 weeks in a closed container and lots of spackle.

The display had already encouraged sign-ups. I put it in yesterday and, that night, three people signed up to participate in the program! Yay!

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