Sunday, April 04, 2010


Can someone remind me why I thought practicing seaming would be a good thing?  Arrrgh. 

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Anonymous said...

I do exactly the same thing. I started on mittens today to match a hat I did finish yesterday and I have a purse, four afghans, two sweaters and one coat to finish. You can bet I have forgotten something. This is in yarn only. Most of them require just a little more work. I have myself convinced it is because I don't like to finish any of my projects because it is like saying "Good By" to a friend who has kept me company. I do eventually finish; some may take months or longer. A day will come when something in me tells me it is time to finish this and that. I am this way with every craft I do. I tell myself over and over, again and again to finish what I am doing and then I will get more yarn. Big joke. I am asked what my favorite craft is and I always answer, "The one I am working on." Very true.