Friday, June 13, 2008

Knitter's Connection

I was debating with myself about going to the Knitter's Connection market this year. Recently I've been trying to buy less and use my stash more. So going to a market wouldn't really be helpful in this. Today was my day off and, this morning, I made a last minute decision to go.

I checked the website before going and did a little bit of research about some of the merchants there. One of them, Misty Mountain Farms, is a Majacraft dealer. I decided to stop by their booth to see what they had. I've been wanting to order a lace kit which includes 2 bobbins and a special flyer for lace but hadn't done it yet. When I stopped by the booth, I didn't see any Majacraft items (though they did have roving) and kind of lost hope, not that I really expected them to have anything. When I asked if they had a lace kit, the lady running the booth thought about it for a second and rummaged in a basket full of various spinning items. And what should she pull out?

A lace kit! Talk about a huge coincidence! I can't believe they a) had one b) had it with them and c) that I didn't have to order it from them and wait weeks to get it. At the same time, I bought 4 ounces of roving from a Finn sheep with which to practice my lace spinning.

It is a very nice white roving that should spin up very well. Now the next step is to finish spinning up the llama roving Martha gave me and to ply up the tencel blend from Maryland.

I stopped by the Waters Edge Jewelry booth and bought some stitch markers for Mom. She also had some horse charms so I bought 2 for myself. Mom has been getting back into knitting slowly. I sent her off on vacation with some cotton yarn, a circular needle and a pattern for a simple baby bib. Hopefully she will enjoy these stitch markers.

Then I had a slight falling down. By slight, I mean approximately 850 yards of fingering weight yarn.

Do you see that silver sparkle in it? Well, it actually is a strand of sterling silver. It is going to be a shawl instead of a couple of pairs of socks. I can't wait! See, this is why you don't go to markets when you are trying not to buy yarn. Must. Knit. Faster.

Then, I ran over to the North Market (no, I'm not obsessed. I can stop any time) and bought a pint of Jeni's Cherry Lambert sorbet. I had gotten a cone of it last Thursday when I was at TNNA but bought a pint of Pear Riesling instead. Today, I wasn't going to miss out on a pint of this sorbet. It tastes exactly like the Cherry Belgium beer. Yummmmm.

I got home around 4 pm and what should be waiting there to greet me?

This is the best day off ever.

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