Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some FOs and WIPs (w/o pictures)

I really need to rip apart my computer tower and get my memory card out of it. I guess I was sleep deprived the last time I was going to upload pictures. My computer has different slots for all different types of memory cards. In my lack of sleep haze I accidentally put the card in the wrong slot and it fell down into the guts of the tower. I've just been too lazy to unscrew the cover and take it apart. So I'm going to blame the lack of pictures on lack of sleep.

Do you remember that I was working on Wicked? Well, I finished it the other day and just had to sew the pocket down. It took me another couple of days to actually do that simple thing. Because it is actually thinking about being spring and getting warm, I needed to get it finished to actually be able to wear it this season. So yesterday morning I sewed the pocket down and wore it all around. I really liked the color. I swear that I will take pictures and post them here.

To answer Kristi's question, I went to the BSJ Wiki for information about the BSJ. It has some really great pictures and suggestions for making them. I found suggestions somewhere (probably a discussion on ravelry) for different weights of yarn and their corresponding needles and age range for the jackets. I'm making my DK weight jackets on a US size 6 needle and it will probably be for a 6-9 month old. The suggestions said you could use either a US 6 or 7 with a DK yarn.

I think my BSJ love might have dulled because I'm not thinking about casing on for another one and the one I was in the middle of has been languishing. Instead, I'm casting on for another Forest Canopy Shawl with the most gorgeous sock yarn from Earthly Hues in the colorway Copper Penny. If you haven't seen Tricia's yarn yet, go over to her Etsy shop or the shop blog or her webpage right now. I'll wait. Back? All of her yarns (and fiber) are dyed with all natural dyes. You wouldn't believe the colors she gets with them! I bet you thought natural dyes only come in browns and greens. I really, really love this one deep red shade. Yummmm. Anyway, the second I saw the Copper Penny color, I instantly thought of leaves in the fall. The subtlety of the colors are perfect for this shawl. The pattern is great because you can use any weight of yarn and make as many repeats as you want. I started it last night and am already a couple of inches in.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Anne!!!!

Andi said...

Anne, sorry for not keeping in contact much during the rest of the school year, but I did want to tell you that I love the pink socks in the clover picture!

Hope all is well!