Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Catalog hatred

Have I mentioned how much I hate my library's catalog? Because it is awful. Seriously.

I'm trying to find one of the Gifts in a Jar books, the one with the one dish meals. Because I don't really want to buy it, I wanted to see if the library had a copy first. So I search by the title "Gifts in a Jar" because that is the title of the entire series, every book starts with those 4 words. I discovered that we only have 1 book and it is for making cookies. OK, fine. I do some more searching around (Subject Browse, Cookery: See Also Home Economics; Subject Browse, Gifts; Author searches). (By the way, these books are listed under one corporate author on one site and a completely different one on other sites.) I find after numerous searches and looks at bibliographic records that there are 2 more books in the Gifts in a Jar series in the library catalog. Do these books start with the title "Gifts in a Jar"? NO, of course not! That would be simple! I have no idea where the titles that are in the catalog actually came from because they aren't listed in the bibliographic information on any other website! Is the book that starts with the title "Gifts in a Jar" listed under the series "Gifts in a Jar"? NO! Does this make sense to anyone?! My eye is seriously twitching now.

Oh, and the 2 books? Neither of them were the one dish meals. All that work for nothing. I'm going to OK, my rant is over.

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Janelle said...

But Grasshopper, what about ILL?